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LHM Staff Member Gives Eye-witness Account of Madagascar Unrest

TANA, Madagascar: Last month, the International Weekly reported on the volatile political situation that was developing in Madagascar, and that the Lutheran Hour Ministries staff were asking for prayers. This week, as news media around the world was reporting that things in Madagascar were taking a turn for the worst, we received an eye witness account of the situation from a staff member at LHM-Madagascar. Here is what he wrote:

I personally have experienced all political events/unrest that marked out the political life of our country (in 1972, in 1991, in 2002), but I never saw any events as tragic as those we currently see every day; that show how much man can be fundamentally bad. It’s so easy for some political leaders to manipulate a crowd, and to drag it along into unimaginable acts.

This atmosphere of violence, I would say mixed with terrorism has been our daily share for several weeks now. However, thanks to the Lord Jesus, He is with us always, as He promised, until the end of the age. For a few days, I am obliged to let staff leave office earlier in the afternoon. To be honest, we feel threat to our safety.

Yesterday evening, by seven o’clock, while I was on my way home, some military rebels, equipped with rifles and two tanks, took possession of one of the President palace, right in the heart of the city. I had to hurry home. I stayed awake late into the night, waiting for what might occur. I went to bed at 2:00 this morning. Today, the opposition supporters and mutineers planned to march against the second President palace, located 10 km south Antananarivo, in order to force the President to leave office. Right now, the city is quite calm but I’m sure nothing good will come of it. However, we pray to God they won’t continue on. A lot of President Ravalomanana’s supporters have been there since Sunday, practically day and night, and offering themselves as human shields at the palace gates. I guess tonight will be a crucial night.

Fortunately, a great number of Christians are aware of the gravity of the situation and keep on praying. That gives us more hope that our God, our Savior, in whom we have confidence is always there. He won’t let our country sink in such a horror. It is our faith.

Thank you for your prayers that strengthen our faith in Jesus, our Lord.

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