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Bible Competition in partnership between LHM and Youth Lutheran Church

“Some, however, did receive him and believed in him; so he gave them the right to become God’s children” John 1:12

A project with Ambolokandrina Lutheran church (Ankatso district, Antananarivo Synod in the Capital of Madagascar) was launched. It  was  the  fruit of work of the  Communication  Department  within the   Christian Youth  Group  of  the  church .

The  aim  was  to  encourage  the  participants  to  get  deeper  into the  Bible  but  also  to  convey  information  about LHM’s objective and  its  various  activities.

Participants  were  divided  into  three  age  groups , 14  and  less, 14 to18  and  over18 .  Other  church  members  from  the  reformed  churches  also  were invited  and  they  sent  representatives. A 3-step bible competition was jointly organised. The  first  round  took  place  on  June  5th, the  second  on  June 12th  and  the  final on June 13th.

61 were registered but only 40 participated.

The contest was based on biblical questions (about history, the creation, the prophets, the early ancestors of the Israelites, Jesus, verses, maps …). The first one to answer wins the scores.

The final test comprises 4 themes. The first of the winners were allowed to choose his theme.

The pastors, theologians prepared the questions.

The winners were:

–          under 14 Kenny Ratsimiory.T (11 years old from Lutheran Church Ankatso)

–          under 18 Jean Rakotonandrasana. E (16 years old from Lutheran Church Ankatso)

–          over 18 Jacque Remi (18 years old from Reformist Church)

Prizes include bibles, hymnbook and monetary gift from LHM for the finalists. Nevertheless, the first 4 winners also received a prize (Bible hymn book and New Testament).

The pastors, theologian and a Representative of LHM Madagascar Board offered the prizes.

The 3 events took place at Ambolokandrina church and gathered 316 attendants (Christians from the church and participants families).

Not many people attended the event since we did not advertisement through local TV or Radio stations, or main daily newspapers, considering that it were a region-limited contest.

But, it is also an important and successful event because everyone who participated or attended the three   steps of the competition realized that they learnt and known more about the Bible.

They are happy and appreciated LHM recognising that Media is effective and attractive in sharing the good news.

They would like that this kind of activity will go on.