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Visit of Mr Eric Gates, the regional counselor for Africa and Asia to LHM Madagascar

Eric M. Gates visited Madagascar from 15 to 17 November 2010. The first objective of his visit is to enable him to see firsthand the progress of various work programs implemented by LHM Madagascar since the dozen years of its existence. It should be noted that this is his first visit to Madagascar.

The importance of this visit for both parties (LHM International and Madagascar) is based on the fact that he found some programs to see and to discuss directly the issues business improvement.

During  his  visit  to Madagascar, Mr. Eric  Gates , the  regional  representative  for Africa  and  Asia  attended  the film  showing  event  at  the  Youth Offenders Center  on November  15,  2010 . Such activity  takes  place  every  other month  at  the centre. Over 60 girls  were  present and  actively  participated  in the  debate. This  was  an oppotunity for sharing and  looking  together   areas  for  improvment  of the  ministry.

The morning of  November 16 was devoted to visit  the Central Prison inTananarivo  the Capital of Madagascar. The LHM  Madagascar  with 3 volunteers members hope  to Educate and  Nurture the prisonners that endures Poverty and Darkness through BCC program.

He  had  a meeting with  the staff  member on Tuesday afternoon, to see the progress of activities, the problems and solutions relating to these.

Meeting  of  the  volunteers  with  Mr. Eric  Gates.

The regional counselor  for  Africa  and  Asia,  Mr. Eric Gates  met  with  the  volunteers  from  Antananarivo  and  the  surrounding area on  November 16 , 2010.  It was a pleasure  for  the 17 volunteers  to share  with  the  US representative  their  respective   local assignements. For  all this  was  also an opportunity  to  be  in closer  contact  with  the  US Head offfice and  its  work  in Madagascar through  them.  The  visit  was  a special  blessing to all as  once  more  all felt  that  we  are  one  team, one  family  indeed.