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ETS workshop in Antsiranana in northern Madagascar

In January, an ETS workshop was held in Antsiranana, in northern Madagascar.

Antsiranana Lutheran Church

This was a new area that LHM had not visited in many years, and we’re grateful to be able to reach people here. The  training  was  of  particular  meaning  since  the  northern  part  of  the  island is  under  a strong  Muslim  background combined  with  ancestor  worship. As a result of the successful workshop, it  was  decided that cooperation will expand   to 3 districts  within   the    Antsiranana Synod   and  that, as  a  first  fruit  of  this,   an ETS  is now scheduled,  God willing, in September- October 2011 in Anivorano ( 70 km  south of Antsiranana  ).

The participants at the workshop

Youth, growing in faith

Collaboration with Nanisana Hight school

Final for football competition for Nanisana High school was held on December 15, 2010 at Nanisana high school and in which 4 teams (male and female) participated. The aim is to conduct a holistic education in collaboration with the school.

As  usual  there  was  a prize awarded to  the  teams  that  played  at finals.

This year in addition to foot ball competition, bible competitions also were organized during matches’ pauses.

LHM booklets were used during the bible contests. The theme was   about Christmas.

The aim  was  to encourage  the  students to  read  and  ponder on the bible verses in the  booklets, further to apply  for  BCC and  thus to grow  in the knowledge  of God’s Word.

40     students participated on the bible competition before all, they were taken out of 650 responses. These 40 students received prizes. This was the first bible contest at Nanisana High school. Many people attended among them were the dean, the teachers and especially Mr. Felixe, an LHM volunteer. Every one expressed the wish a same event next year.


Collaboration with Charlemagne High school

The  same  bible  contest  as  for Nanisana Highs school  was  held  during  Christmas  festivities  at Charlemagne  High school. It was held on December 17 2010. Over 70 students participated and 15 received prizes.

The  school responsible  did  recognize  that  it  was  a successful way  to help  the  students  know  more  the  bible .