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Verrerie District/LHM Cooperation

The  last  ETS workshop for 2010-2011 fiscal  year  was  undertaken on April 27-28 2011 at Verrerie  district  (Toamasina Synod) led  by Rev. Falimanana .  8 church partners  attended  the  workshop  with a total of  38 participants ;  as  evangelism  is   a  charge  of  the  church,  6  of  the  participants were active  catechists, the  others  are  church  committee members , shepherds  and  group  leaders . 2 pastors from the district were also present. They  did  took  parts  in  the  teaching namely Rev. Falimanana  district president and  Rev. Arivony  Rajaonarison from Depot  church .  The Toamasina   Synod vice-president gave the closing message.

As  the participants  were  church members, it  is  fully  expected  that  they  will be  able  to  convey  the  message  and  chare  whet  they have received   once  bck to  their  repective home  churches .

This second trainee group in Toamasina Synod chose the name” Light “. We pray that they truly act as light bearers.

Pastor Arivony

Pastor Randriarison Florent                                                 One of the participant              giving the closing message                                                  taking part on the                                                                                                                            discussion