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Youth Program: Body and Spirit were fed

    As  the  Youth Offender Centre Ambodin’Isotry cares  not only  for  the  youth but also  for  needy adults  from  the  surrounding  area as well as  for  the parents  of  these children. This  month  of  May,  the  film  “ Earth or  Heaven “ projected for the young girls was  also projected  for  the adults.  “ God gives us the liberty of choice to serve Him freely or not”. The theme  was  well appropriate  to  their  situation so  the  discussion  was  very lively.  As a result, the  adults  expressed the  wish that  more  films on the  same  theme  be  projected  to  help  strengthen  their faith  . We are reminded that many of these adults do not attend church services due to acute poverty. Following the film slight refreshment was served. A total of 68 persons were present (3 man and 65 women)