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Personal Evangelism

2011 is the year of celebration of Ankaramalaza Revival Movement 70th anniversary. It is a major event in the Malagasy Lutheran Church history. Christians from all over the island as well as from abroad attended the event.  Approximately 40,000 participants arrived to Ankaramalaza for the celebration. The meeting is for a week (July 26-31 through August 2nd 2011).  LHM Madagascar sent a delegate of staff and volunteers to attend the gathering.  The  aim was  to give  them  an opportunity  to  spiritual refreshing as  well as  to  make  LHM ministries known to thousands  of  convention participants . It was also a meaningful opportunity to do personal evangelism. LHM was granted a”special” booth where information about LHM was available for the visitors to receive. Over 1,500 brochures and 1,000 tracts were distributed to those who visited the booth.




                                                     the LHM booth




christians attending the celebration

Evangelizing on the university campus

Volunteers  from  Ankatso Lutheran  church that  were in charge of BCC  requested  LHM staff to organize  a  film projection  followed by  a debate  with  the  aim  of  evangelizing  on the  university campus  level and  as a result  leading  them into the  churches . The title of the film was “the stranger “. It focused on the need of becoming a new person as well the forgiveness of sins. A number of viewers responded to the call.

 Students watching the film