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Cooperation between LHM and Imeritsiafindra Reformed Church: Youth Department.

Bible contest at Imerintsiafindra Reformed Church was undertaken on August 28, 2011.
LHM staff, LHM volunteers, the Pastor and the local youth department took part in this event. Questions were drawn from LHM leaflet entitled “The way to God “.
The different church departments, surrounding local churches and people outside the church participated. LHM offered 40 prizes to the winners.
The objectives of the contest were:
– encouraging the congregation as well as those outside to read and study the Holy Scripture found in the leaflet.
– leading them to register for BCC and to read the leaflet as well as to watch the film
– this also was an opportuinity for LHM to inform the various church departments in
Imerintsiafindra about LHM activities and areas of ministry.
500 LHM booklets were distributed, 210 participated to the contest. About 525 people attended the event.
During the contest, choirs from surrounding churches contributed to the event through their singings and playing theater.

People attending the event

Choir playing theater about Jesus Salvation

One of the 4 Choirs participating at the event

The Audience Relations asking question to participant