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Ambolokandrina Parish/LHM Cooperation

The ETS with Ambolokandrina Parish, Ankatso District was held in Ambohimanambola Lutheran church on October 20, 19, and 18. This was the second ETS organised with Ankatso District. 8 church partners all from Ambolokandrina parish participated with a total of 27 participants. Rev. Audace Jacques Ratefiarivony of Ambohimanambola Lutheran church; Rev. Randrianasolo Jeannot , assistant Pastor of Ambolokandrina , and Rev. Rakotonirina David of Ambolokandrina attended the meeting and took part on the training. It should be noticed that this Parish is in full extension at present. Therefore the ETS was of a great help to the participants in their effort of evangelism . One of the important aspects of the training was the assistance that the participants found in follow up of responses . The main charge for them being able to become connections .

Bible Contest

We are reminded that in June 2010, there already was a joint project organized with the Communication Department of the Ambolokandrina Church Youth Group. They expressed their wish as to the continuation of the cooperation. A Bible competition aimed at encouraging the participants to get deeper into the Bible as well as to convey information about LHM and its various activities.
So, for this year , the eliminatory step for the bible contest was held on October 22, 2011. The morning was reserved for the junior and the afternoon for the seniors. For the morning 70 participants were present and 150 for the afternoon . The bible contest started with the written aspect followed by the orals for which 16 persons per level took part . For the finals , 4 per category were selected to participate on the 1st of November 2011 at Ambolokandrina Lutheran’s . For the finals about 200 attended the event (those who failed at the first step, families, friends and Christian from surrounding). The winner for the junior and senior are both from Ambolokandrina Lutheran Church. Prizes were handed out for all participants in the contest. Every body realized that it was an important and enriching event not only for the participants but also for the assistances because they learnt more about the Bible.


The participants receiving the diploma

The LHM Chairman look part at the training

The participants by making the writing lesson

The participants by making the oral lesson

The audience

The participent receiving their diploma