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Youth Program

LHM/Nanisana High School cooperation

For the end of the year 2011, on December 2011, the partnership was focused on public displays  in order to make  known the 7 clubs of  the  school namely  LHM Club, UNESCO Club, GBE Club, CHOIR Club, GERMAN Language Club, ORATOR Club  and  DRAWING Club.  The theme of the display was “UNITY in DIVERSITY. Each club was assigned a pavilion. Among other visitors, the Dean, teachers and the students as well as the school staff were invited. LHM club displayed annotated photos of LHM and the school activities starting from 2007. Namely: BCC, School library, Film showing, Football competitions, Bible contests, Evangelism outreach led by the LHM choir.  Information explain the reasons and objectives of LHM and the school joint project was given by Mr. Felix, a LHM volunteer assisted by LHM graduate members. The highs cool dean expressed appreciation for LHM assistance in the school  education efforts and   wishes for the continuation of the cooperation.
(Photos: 230, 233, 235 légende: The LHM Club members, Mr Felixe giving information to the visitors

Youth Offenders Centre

With Ambohidratrimo Centre, even the film showing activities have stopped for a while for reason not pertaining to LHM, BCC however continues.  The certificate distribution event was organized to coincide with Christmas celebration.  It was held on December 23  during which  2 BCC graduates  were  given  their certificates  The children of the center were in this  way encouraged  to  follow BCC as  well  as  other  people invited  for the  event namely  NGO partners, children family member.

(Photos: 230, 233, 235: Légende: The young children celebrating Christmas, The Audience relations and the BCC examiner distributed the certificate)