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Sunday visitation

Following   the  new  year  celebration meeting  with LHM volunteers ‘on 21th of January 2012 , many  churches had the opportunity  to discuss  further improvement  of cooperation with LHM . Many of them requested LHM visits. LHM staff was given the opportunity to address the congregation during the service on Sundays and to meet the BCC students. This offers an opportunity for LHM staff to present LHM ministry and to encourage the Christians to be parts of it. Two churches every month were visited.

The BCC students standing The Pastor and the Audience Relation addressed to the congregation The Audience Relation presents the LHM Ministry

To become efficient tools

LHM staff and volunteer received Internet special training. It is now expected that they will be more efficient to convey the Good news message using Internet. We thus are looking forward to making LHM more known in the future and to spiritually uphold  those who visit the web site to grow in faith and service and finally to become connections.

Bible messages   were now being produced and shared on internet programs.

LHM Madagascar face book has now 6630 fans.

The Internet training