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Volonteers training , LHM Church visitation and preaching

Volunteers’ training: « How to improve the work, how to keep the work on”

54 Youth program and BCC volunteers benefited ETS training on March 24 and 28 2012. The workshop took place in Ampandrana  Antananarivo.

The main reason for the training is to assist volunteers in improving their work in drawing people into the church.  Volunteers were also urged to find those to take their places in case they will have to stop. This issue was fully discussed during the training given the important reason to keep the work on.  The participants mainly students from high schools, veterinary students from the University of Antananarivo and leaders from different churches.


LHM visitation and preaching the Gospel

Church partners’ visitation by LHM Staff twice a month is going on. Christians are encouraged to move forward toward deepening their faith using LHM media production. Some were positively responding while others still wait for the Holy Spirit to convince them.  Apart the LHM Media the church partners are eager to be nurtured by LHM preaching. So, during the service it’s the LHM staff who preaches the sermon.