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Spiritual Revival Lutheran Church visitation

On May 26, LMH staff undertook a revival event at a revival centre in Ambatolampy situated at 80 km south of Antananarivo. LMH staff reminded the Christian of the existing cooperation between LHM and the District, distributed tracts and other Christian literature as well as presented other cooperation activities such as BCC, ETS and Film Showing.

The Pastor of the Spiritual Revival
Lutheran Church

Andohamatsiatra District/LHM partenership

ETS workshop in Andohamatsiatra took place on April 27 and 28, 2012. The first ETS in that District was done in October 2010. This second ETS was undertaken upon request of many District members in need of improving their outreach capacities. We are reminded that the Andohamatsiatra District is characterized by strong ancestor’s pagan impacts. For the 7 churches partners, a total of 28 participants attended the training. As full time responsibles for evangelization, 6 of the 7 catechists also attended the ETS. Among the teachers were Rev. Randrianaivonirina Dieu Donné, Head of the Andohamatsiatra District as well as Pastor Razafimahatratra Rakotonianina Arimanana ofAnjanamahasoa Lutheran church, Rev.Rasolofoniaina   Jean Emmanuel of Ambalavao Atsimo lutheran church. The participants showed a real interest and presented their proposed working program despite the lack of definitive outreach program.
The distribution of certificates was held during the Sunday afternoon service that was closed with the hymn of faithful service plea.

Youth Offenders Center

The greatness of God’s work

Right after Easter vacation, the film entitled “Every moment is a gift” was projected on   April 16 in Ambodin’Isotry Center. Before the session, a woman theologian from the Malagasy Lutheran Church Head Office gave the message found in Genesis 1 speaking about creation. The message and the film treated the same subject. The beauty of creation reminds of the greatness of God’s work of which man is the sum mum. Life therefore is a gift from God. We are to be always reminded that we are His workmanship.

How to resist temptation

For the 2 Youth Offenders Center: Avoko Faravohitra and Avoko Ambohidratrimo, as film projection is an efficient tool to convey the message of the gospel to the children and young people. For April and May, the film “JESUS”, was shown in order to help them improve in the knowledge of Jesus’ life. One important event in Madagascar this month was the upcoming of “the satanic club” aimed at attacking mainly the teenagers tempting them with money and others traps. The film teaches them the right value of richness and money; how Jesus though God had lived a life of humility to raise us up, brings us eternal life and is our model.

Bible contest to draw the young people to focus on the Bible

There was a film projection event at Ambohidratrimo centre on May 9, 2012.

We are reminded that Ambohidratrimo centre hosts young people that had undergone rough treatments such as rape, mistreatment, illegal children work; some are orphans or abandoned by their parents. There are about 100 of them at the center. A bible contest was organized in order to draw them to focus on the bible with the ultimate goal to help them do BCC. Young people of 13 and up participated. There were 43 of them. The film entitled “The Stranger “was projected.  The questions asked were pertaining to the film and Easter.

The prize offered to the 13 having the good note

The prize offered to the 13 having the good note

A prize award was offered on June 13 to those having rightly answered the questions