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LHM and the University Veterinary Department cooperation

As every year, the veterinary students hold an all night prayer meeting on August 24 2012. It was organized with LMH staff who led the devotion. Currently there is a wrong idea going around here in Madagascar saying that the end of the world will be in 2012, 3 pastors did a teaching to explain whether this line of thought is wrong or right according to the bible. Anther theme of debate was on “Christian music.
As part of the night program, LHM staff made a presentation about BCC and Christian literature, tracts and brochures available at LHM. The department choir also participate trough singing during that night. 280 students were present, some are from other faculties.
As a positive result of this event, 2 students registered for BCC and 2 others offered to participate at the month of September radio program. Given the difficult economic and political situation the country is in, prayer meeting of this kind is precious.


The choir signing during that night The 2 University Veterinary students
participated at radio program

• The Malagasy revival movement worldwide convention (FIFIL)

The FIFIL was held in Mahajanga, North western Madagascar, Mahajanga Synod on the 6-12 of August 2012.  It is a unique event within the Malagasy Lutheran Church (MLC), held only every 5 year. LHM was invited to be among those giving a speech and LHM director reminded the fruitful cooperation between LHM and the revival movement that started in 2000. A LHM booth was held as a display of various media available at LHM. The convention lasted 6 days and was attended by 10 000 participants coming from all over Madagascar and Europe.

The LHM staff/Volonteer holding the booth The LHM Director and the Rev Rakotonomenjanahary Felix (Marovoay Lutheran Church) meeting in the booth

Ambodin’Isotry, Youth Offenders Center

At the closing event of the academic year 2011-2012, at Ambodin’Isotry center, a film was projected to the young girls. The title was “Now go in love “. The story was that of a young woman who suffered much in her marriage. In addition to beating she faced emotional violence such as polygamy. But she understood how much Jesus loves her; she thus was changed and was able to forgive her husband and therefore able to “go forward in love”

The young girls and their teachers watching the film