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A fruitful partnership

LHM local club continues to present BCC to the other high school students.
The LHM Africa and the Middle East Regional Director Eric Gates visited Nanisana High school during his stay in Madagascar on December 14, 2012. Sixty students or so from the LHM local club, of which most are BCC students, lead by Volunteer Felix, along with the local English club, presented him the partnership between the high school and LHM since 2008. This included BCC, Library, Football tournament, Film showings and choir activities. This event was attended by the Dean and his vice. The latter expressed their appreciation of LHM ministry to the school and are looking forward to the continuation of the cooperation. To the Glory of God and also to express their gratefulness to Mr. Gates, the English club sang in English.

  Photo 234
  Eric Gates, the LHM Africa and
Middle East Regional Director
Jaona Andrianasolo, the LHM Madagascar Director and
The Dean and his vice of Nanisana High School
Photo 246 Photo 267
Photo 239
the LHM Club and English Club

To be a good transmitter, to be a good listener

The Film showings activities at Ambohidratrimo and Ambodin’Isotry Youth Offenders Center continue every month. The activity is well approved by the youth. It helps them grow spiritually, in knowing the Word of God and how to behave. The center staff also appreciate LHM ministry being of a great assistance and communicating with the children.


Photo 342 The young people watching the film projection  
Photo 348 The teacher offering candies and book mark with bible verse  

Church Visitation

Twice a month, church visitations are organized to award certificates to first year graduating BCC and to encourage them to move on to second year. The local congregation will be invited to enroll for BCC. It is also a good opportunity to make known the Christians about LHM goals and activities.

Photo 309 Photo 321

The Pastor Manitrarivosoa Raharijaona Fils.J.Ch distributes the certifcate The LHM volunteer and the BCC graduated

Film showing an efficient tool to convey the Bible Message.

A special” film showing – debate «workshop was organized FOR LHM volunteers. The session was divided in two in order to be more effective and practical. The workshop lasted two days on October 6 and 10 2012. All 63 participants recognized the value of a “film showing – debate” as an important tool to convey the Bible message in the modern days we are in. As all of them were involved in film showing activities, they were well aware of the difficulty of the task and the need of such training.


Photo 290 Photo 292
groups discussion