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To reach more people to the Kingdom of God


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Banner Calendars and Brochures
CMJN de base To increase the knowledge of LHM Ministries (include BCC), posters are distributed to BCC volunteers to be put up every where, 2013 calendar to be sell and banners are posted at 6 strategic sites. As a result, we’ve noticed the number of new BCC students is increasing.

Volunteers meeting

As usual, LHM Madagascar organized a meeting with LHM Commissioned Volunteers, in Antananarivo and surroundings, for the New Year Greetings.They held this party on January 19, 2013. 63 Volunteers attended this meeting. The meeting was marked by the presence of The LHM Club of Nanisana High School animated the meeting by singing gospel.
We took the opportunity to talk about how to extend and improve cooperation, especially on BCC, to exchange experiences on Film debate and to call for new volunteers for a new Prison Ministry to be officially carried out from June 2013 on. Five volunteers responded to this call and will join the current Prison ministry team (three members).


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Volunteers attended the meeting Volunteers sharing experience about
Film debate
Nanisana High School singing the Gospel

To have knowledge, you must first have reverence for the Lord (Proverb 1: 7)

Young students are easily face different temptations which trouble their studies.LHM Madagascar intends to extend its collaboration with High Schools in Antananarivo and its suburban area. For the month of January, we visited two High Schools (Sabotsy Namehana and MASCA High Schools) by advertising and bringing information about LHM activities: BCC, Film showings, radio program and Christian Literature. These awareness and information sessions were held during the flag-raising ceremony (on Monday morning), attended by all students, teachers and the Dean to lead them toward BCC as well as scripture reading and film watching so that they will know more the Word of God.


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Students in Sabotsy Namehana High School
IMG_1830 IMG_1833
Students in MASCA High School