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The Nanisana High School is among the dynamic youth center which has a strong partnership with LHM Madagascar. The objective for both parties is to draw a spiritual, moral and body education to the students. To bear in mind, the partnership has started since 2008 by BCC program. Mr Felix the LHM volunteers then expanded the partnership by Film showings and furnishing the school library through booklets that LHM Madagascar provides. By the way, the LHM Club, a choir was born. There are about 20 members who are not tired to invite their student friends to follow the BCC course and glorify the Lord.
How they can keep silence, even though, they are young they didn’t stop sharing only at School but they expand preaching of the Gospel by singing through visiting Churches. Last Sunday, 14 April, the Club was invited by the FJKM Merinkanjaka Fitahiana (a reformed church, situated 15 Km from the Capital) and led the Sunday service in the head M. Felix, and the LHM Staff. The Shepherd Branch in that church was celebrating its 10th Anniversary at that time and the congregation was very touched and full in emotion by the visit of these young Christians who persuade them from their devotion.

IMG_0173 IMG_0187
A little walk The Reformed Church visited
IMG_0191 IMG_0196
Before the service every body
takes one’s hand for a prayer
The LHM Club reading the Holy Word
IMG_0212 IMG_0182
The LHM Club singing

Evangelism requires a good Leader and a good Communicator

The ETS with Ambolokandrina Lutheran Parish, Ankatso District, Antananarivo Synod was successfully carried out on March 18, 19 and 20 2013. This represents the extension of LHM and Antananarivo Synod partnership wich has indeed stopped for a few years earlier. The main theme of the training is different of the classic ETS workshop theme as it was focused on two important issues in spreading the Good News, namely Leadership and Communication. A total of 35 participants (including the two pastors in charge of the parish: Rev. Randriamangason Nahary Tiana and Rev. Razafimanantsoa Andriamaheriniaina Olav) attended the ETS. They were active representatives of different departments and activity branches of Ambolokandrina Lutheran Parish. Most of the participants were very thankful to the Lord because it was an enriching event. They are highly enthusiastic for their respective future practice and share of the training program.
As usual, the closing of the training was ended with a certificate award ceremony.


Pic 1 Pic 4
Rev Razafimanantsoa Andriamaheriniaina Olav opening the service Participant sharing her team works
Pic 7 Pic 5
Participant asking questions The participants and the LHM Director and Staff
Pic 8 Rev Randriamangason Nahary Tiana
distributed the certificate
The participants and the LHM Director and Staff Participant asking questions