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Now, go and look over the whole land

*I believe in our Lord Jesus
For LHM Club Nanisana, on 21 April they continued to visit Church partner during the Sunday services. The approach also revealed successful to bring back BCC dropouts. Through these visits, even very young, they always testified the Love of Jesus. They believe in God and are willing to go far away. They sang a song:“I believe in our Lord Jesus”


IMG_0236 IMG_0247
Had to cross the rice field During the Church service
IMG_0252 IMG_0242
LHM Club signing Taking packed lunch after Church service
On the way back home

*The Churches visited


Each a week LHM Staff and volunteer contact or visit Church leaders or School to make awareness about our activities. This was undertaken with the Reformed Church and High school as well.

IMG_0221 Photo 117

ETS workshop

To move forward in the implementation of the outreach program

Thanks the Lord, the ETS for the Sahamadio Disrict, Fisakana Synod (SPaFi) was successfully carried out on 26, 27 and 28 April 2013. As we except to extend the ETS Workshop to another Synod, this ETS is the first partnership with the SPaFi. The reason why ETS was held in Sahamadio District is that in this region, evangelism is one of the essential needs because most of the population still follow the ancestral customs. A total of 35 participants attended the training including 9 catechists, 23 lay-people and Shepherds and 3 pastors: Rev Randrianarisoa Fanomezanjanahary, Rev Andriamampianina Solofoniaina, and Rev Randrianandrasana Daniel. They all took an active part in the training. They realized that this training encouraged them to move forward in the implementation of the program.

As usual, the closing of the training was ended with a certificate award ceremony. According to the request of the 3 Pastors, the ceremony took place during the Sunday services. During this ceremony, all participants, the LHM Staff and Pastors sang together the song “It is wonderful the Lord”


IMG_3098 IMG_3131
The ETS participants Teamwork
IMG_3058 IMG_3174
Workshop group report Awarding certificats
IMG_3083 IMG_3221
Group picture The ladies who were preparing the meal