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Madagascar’s National Day celebrated in sobriety

The 53rd anniversary of the Independence of Madagascar, which takes place this Wednesday, June 26, 2013, is celebrated in sobriety. For the fourth consecutive year, the Malagasy national holiday commemorating their full political crisis. Between military parade, presidential buffet meals and solidarity for the poor, the celebration looks dull. June 26, Independence Day is a big party. The tradition of “arendrina” or “Feast of Lights” is a tradition that brings joy to all.

drapeau-madagascar Arendrina 26 juin 2013
Madagascar flag “Arendrina”
photo 26 juin 2013 Arendrina 2 26 juin2013
Military parade Celebration of Independace day, but also holidays lanterns that makes the joys of Childrens

“Listen to his voice”

The broadcasting untitled “Listen to his voice” produced by LHM began in 2010. Radio program leads by youth and religious leaders as interview discuss issues concerning moral and spiritual education of youth.. While airing this program, we use three FM Radio Stations. In Antananarivo the Capital of Madagascar: the ACEEM FM 103.4 (Saturday: 06.30 am; replay Monday: 20. 05 pm) and RTF FM 91.2 (Monday: 20.00 pm; replay Friday 20.05 pm).In Toamasina (South part of Madagascar) RNA FM 94.2 (Sunday at 7 – 7 h 30 min). At this moment, we are in collaboration with a private Radio Station in the city of Antsirabe ( 180 Km from the Capital) to expand this program. This month of June 2013, we are the 165 th of this issue. The topic broadcast this month is about “Repentance”.


DSC_0094 IMG_0901
DSC_0105 DSC_0109
Young peoples who participated in the interview With joy, Mr Philemon responsible of the studio does his job

You have received without paying, so give without being paid (Matthew 10: 8b)

We are reminded that the partnership between the Prison Central of the Capital (Antanimora) and LHM Madagascar began in 2000. The work was extended to Tsiafahy Prison, but has been suspended. For Antanimora prison the work started again in 2007. Eight LHM volunteers visit regularly the Prison to share the Good News, to provide evangelism for prisoners. Most of the prisoners are convinced that the God’s Word is really the nurture of the spirit so they enrolled to BCC. Once a month, the LHM volunteers meet at the LHM Office to make an assessment of the work undertaken there and to find how to improve it.

DSC_0084 DSC_0101
The LHM volunteers meeting at LHM Office Mr Jeannot LHM volunteers marks the prisoner BCC exam

Cattle thieves attack

The phenomenon cattle thieves no longer affect only the south part of Madagascar. As proof, one attack occurred in the course of last weekend in a village in the district Ankazobe. According to a source, the cattle thieves were ten armed with shotguns and knives. In the village of Antanandava, rural town of Kiangara, cattle thieves attacked a man, wealthy owner of Zebu, who was stripped of his 70 cows, which were all his wealth. And as usual, villagers were then re-entered, they were first alerted the police and were prepared to start in pursuit of the thieves. However, they were able to recover 50 of the 70 cattle stolen. Apart cattle thieves shot, the rest of the band was able to escape, prosecutors dropped the pursuit and returned zebu recovered village.

Dahalo photo photo (boeufs)
The villagers faces cattle thieves

So we preach Christ to everyone

Well. It is to be noted that this is the second ETS we have organized with Reformed Churches in East Antananarivo Synod. The ETS was successfully carried out on May 7, 8 2013 at MAMRE Center’located in Sabotsinamehana, a suburb of Antananarivo. 7 congregations attended the workshop with a total of 29 participants. The 7 pastors respectively in charge of the 7 congregations (Rev Razanadravao Farasoa, Rev Razanamparany Vonimanitra , Rev Raharinomenjanahary M Lucie , Rev Razafindratsimba Viviane, Rev Rasoanaivo Rinà , Rev Ramandimbiarimino Elisoa , Rev Razafitsira Alijaona ) were invited to attend this ETS Training.
Besides, the participants generally showed real interest in the content of the training, and the future evangelism programs within their respective areas.
As usual, all participants were awarded certificates at the closing of the training.


IMG_0366 Pic 6. Group picture
A few moments’relaxation Group picture

Madagascar Presidential Elections:

An unexpected scenario signed by the election judges

The Special Electoral Court ruled 41 personalities will participate in the next scheduled for July 24, 2013 presidential elections. Among them, a surprise candidate in the person of President Andry Rajoelina. And two other candidates who could benefit from understanding the election judges, namely former President Didier Ratsiraka and former First Lady Lalao Ravalomanana.

neny lalao Didier Ratsiraka joel
Lalao Ravalomanana Didier Ratsiraka Andry Rajoelina