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LHM Newsletter

“Echo of the voice of the Gospel”

The LHM newsletter “The echo of the voice of the Gospel” appears three times a year whose goal is to make known about LHM activities and its partnership with churches, associations or individuals. Besides that, we also offer biblical messages. It is worth mentioning that the first appearance of this Newsletter was in April 2003, but unfortunately, the publication of this newspaper was suspended for two years. By the grace of God, the production of the 12 th edition was published this month of June 2013. Compared to LHM Newspapers published before, for this 12 th edition, we have given a little change concerning the form. An interlayer sheet is added to show a statistical table about the ETS training and pie charts on the BCC carried out during the two-year suspension. The next edition will be on October 2013.

DSC_0085 IMG_0679
The LHM Director and his Staff working on the publication of the Newsletter Drafting the articles


LHM volunteers, what have we achieved and what remains to be done. The LHM Newsletter, 12th edition

University Veterinary Department

Evening prayer vigil

As usual, each academic year, the students of the Veterinary Department at the University of Antananarivo organized a prayer vigil. For this academic year, it took place on July 26, 2013. The theme of the meeting was focused on Matthew 7: 13-14:
“God loves us and gives us a choice”.
The program was divided into 4 parts namely: Opening worship lead by LHM. Film showing and conference, both followed by debate lead by a Pastor, a responsible of Campus for Christ and Jeunesse en Mission. The audience was fully interested and many questions were debated. The Closing worship leads by LHM.

It was an opportunity for LHM staff to provide information about BCC, Christian literature and films. About 300 students attended the event and were served with light refreshments. It was quite a success.


DSC_0151 DSC_0186
Staff LHM preaching a sermon Tracts about radio program and pamphlets are distributed
DSC_0156 DSC_0150
The students listen with interests the Bible Message Staff LHM provides information about LHM activities
DSC_0171 DSC_0168
It’s so Good to sing for the Lord With joy, every one praises and worships the Lord


Partnership between LHM and Nanisana High School

LHM Club Nanisana High School

The cooperation between LHM and LHM Club Nanisana High School stayed despite of secularism of education in Madagascar.
As usual, to close the academic year (2012 /2013), the LHM club participated in the worship organized at the LHM Office every Friday after noon. On July 19, 2013 during which, volunteers, Staff and the Club praised the Lord for having ended the academic year and to put at his hands the next school year. The Club took part in singing and praying.

DSC_0105 DSC_0102
The audience relations preaching the sermon Jemima, the new LHM volunteer
in Nanisana Hight School
DSC_0114 DSC_0099
The LHM Director thanks the Club and encourages them to go always forward The LHM Club singing
DSC_0120 DSC_0122
Some representative of LHM Club The LHM Director, the Program Manager
and the LHM Club

Radio program

Improving the radio program

While airing it, we use two FM Radio stations in Antananarivo (the capital city) and one FM station in Toamasina (East coast city, 360 km from Antananarivo). Thanks to the Lord, since the month of June, we have extended it in Antsirabe, an important city, 170 km south of Antananarivo.
In order to improve the radio program “Listen to his voice”, we conducted during the month of July 2013 a survey on themes of relevance to different categories of listeners. The aim was to know the themes that respond to their needs. 500 survey forms were distributed to 27 LHM volunteers. They carried out a survey in different places.

DSC_0141 DSC_0145
Some LHM volunteers receiving the instruction before
the sample survey
DSC_0217 IMG_0637
The survey forms return by volunteers Going through the survey forms