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ETS seminar

Preliminary Meeting

We already mentioned before that the LHM organized five ETS seminars each year. For the 2014/15 fiscal year, the first session will be held on 06-07 November 2014. Five churches partner will attend this training. In order to provide more information about the aim and the contents of the training, a preliminary meeting was held at the LHM office on September 18 and 22, 2014. The five Pastors in charge of the five parishes attending the meeting:
– Rev Norosoa Andrianalijaona (Reformed Church)
– Rev Hanitra Rivosoa Raharijaona (Reformed Church)
– Rev Rado Fanomezantsoa Rajaonarison (Reformed Church)
– Rev Jean Jacques Rakotomalala (Reformed Church)
– Rev Velson Rakotonirina (Reformed Church)
It is well mentioning that these five churches partners are already in partnership with LHM on the BCC and Film Showing. Both partners hope that this workshop training will bring better equipment to commissioned Volunteers.

Church visitation

Strengthening partnership.

The partnership between Iharamy ihavaozana Reformed Church and the LHM started for years. It was Rev Ratsimandisa Zo who was in charge for this congregation. But this year, she has been assigned to another position so, it is Rev R. Fanja who replace her. To strengthen and continue the partnership, the LHM staff carried out a Church visitation during Sunday service on September 14, 2014. The goal for this visit is then to meet the new responsible and especially to encouraged again the Christians to move toward deepening their faith by enrolling to BCC. Rev R. Fanja is very recognized for the work of LHM and hope for a strong partnership. Rev R. Fanja is very grateful for the work LHM and hopes for a good continuation of our partnership.

DSC_0169 DSC_0201

On the road… Rev Fanja and Mss Sahondra LHM volunteer


Lalao encouraging the Christian to enroll for BCC The christians attending the service

Effort to make known the LHM and its activities continues

The goal is the same: all Christians grow and stand firm in faith

The LHM uses different ways to make known its activities for those who are interested and who want to work with. Contact and visit to Church leaders are one of the appropriate approaches to reach widen audiences. Thank God, both partners are convinced that it is more important that everyone join hands, work together for the kingdom of God. We realize that, we have the same goal that is to grow and make firm the Christians faith, so that in turn they can also share the word of God to those who still live in darkness. Thanks the Lord for His greatness.

DSC_0124 DSC_0128
Rev Andrianatoandro Léon Fidèle, Lutheran Church, LHM Volunteer and staff
IMG_1469 IMG_1475
Rev Randriarinarimanarivo T, Reformed Church, Volunteer and Staff

Staff meeting

Fundraising: how to reach our Year to Date goal

We are working our efforts to reach our Year to date goal despite the economic crisis that our country yet go through.To begin, we have already sent direct mail or by post a written Request letters to 300 listed individuals (donors and BCC graduated students). To raise more our local income then, on Tuesday, September 3, 2014 afternoon, the LHM Director and his staff held a working meeting about: how to reach our goal, what we are going to do? As a result, we decided to proceed with the use of a money box. We will first start with the staff that is: given a money bank to each staff after try to convince the volunteers and those who pass to the LHM Office (BCC Students, visitors) to participate as it is said: “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” Acts 20:35b. We pray and put in God’s hands our plan.

the LHM Director and his staff