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Preaching the Gospel in prison

Love is the most important of all laws

As last year, in addition to Bible Course Correspondence (BCC) in order to increase the number of student, we continue to support other activities in the prison of Antanimora, located in the capital city, through Cultural and Sport competition. So, during the months of September and October 2014, the second ‘7 soccer game’ tournament was organized in this prison by LHM team. During each game, sensitization on BCC was undertaken. LHM banner was exposed too during the tournament. As a result, we hope very soon an increasing number of new BCC students. The final of the ‘7 soccer game’ tournament took place on 15th of October 2014. Mr. Jaona Andrianasolo, LHM Manager and Mr. Louis Rakoto Rabehajaina, LHM Program Manager attended to this final game and the closing ceremony of the tournament. To encourage the prisoners, Mark 12: 28-34 was preached by The LHM Manager. The main message was ‘love for God and love for neighbor: the most important of all laws’. Pennant with LHM logo was given to the champion and rice to all tournament participants (about 80 persons). 20 New Testament were distributed to prisoners BCC student and two soccer balls for the competition too. “…I was in prison, and you came to visit me” Matthew 25:36b

Sary Fonja 2 Fanion Sary Fonja 4
The soccer players did not forget to pray before the match
Sary Fonja 5 Sary Fonja 3
Sary Fonja 1 Sary Fonja 6
What a big joy, we are the winners Mrs Louis and Jeannot (LHM volunteers) offered New Testament

Young Christian branch in Anosibe Fampiraisana Lutheran Church.

Well knowing the Word of God is the basis of the success of evangelization.

The partnership between the Young Christian branch in Anosibe Lutheran Church and LHM began in January 2012 through BCC. Mr. Jean Charles, an active member of this branch is the volunteer who is in charge of BCC students. The Young Christians Lutheran branch deals with moral, physical and spiritual education of young people and of course as a choir, the goal is to make grow in faith the members. So, on Sunday Oct 12, 2014, the staff LHM met the members and convinced them to enroll for the BCC. They are very grateful for the work of LHM and said that: “it is through the Bible study that we manage to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and to grow in Him or strengthen our faith in Him”. They hope that the LHM does not limit their awareness only with the Young Christian branch but for all the parishioners in Anosibe Fampiraisana Lutheran Church.

DSC_0088 DSC_0090
Lalao and Charles (LHM Volunteers)
addressing to the young members
Jaona LHM Staff and the young members
DSC_0071 DSC_0075
Charles distributing the BCC lessons The choirmaster giving thanks to LHM Staff

LHM Newsletter

The LHM always makes efforts to meet the needs of all: High School, University, Churches, and Dentistry

Thanks the Lord that with the publication of the newspaper “Echo of the voice of the Gospel”, we continue to inform the readers about LHM activities and the different possibility of establishing new partnerships. Besides that, we also offer biblical messages. It is worth mentioning that what we have just published is the 15th edition. It tells especially about the development of our partnership with the private Universities and the Radio program to other cities. The newspaper is distributed freely to all our partners (churches, college, Universities, volunteers, BCC student) and those who wish to know more about LHM and its partnership.

DSC_0008 DSC_0157
“Echo of the voice of the Gospel”

Money box

Join hands to build up the kingdom of God

As a result of the staff working meeting on Tuesday, September 3, 2014, it was decided to use a money box to raise fund. We are first start with the LHM staff. Each staff was given a money box since September 17, 2014. After, all the volunteers and those who pass to the LHM Office (BCC Students, visitors) are encouraged to participate too.30 money boxes are already distributed. The money box filled will be returned at the LHM Office the month of December 2014 or March 2015 or May 2015. Each participant will receive a receipt from the money collected.

The money boxes