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Women prisoners in Antanimora: Competition of Evangelicals songs

Sing for joy to the Lord

The women prisoners in the prison of Antanimora (the capital city), on seeing and knowing the sports competition we held annually to men prisoners begged the LHM to organize an event to mark Christmas in their quarters. Then the LHM decided to organize a competition for evangelical songs in their prison. The competition was started on November 4, 2014 and the final was held on November 25, 2014. Five choirs (representing the fives rooms) participated in this special event, for it is the first time that such competition took place in this prison. Each group was composed of ten women. Songs of joy and praise to Jesus Christ the King of Kings, Lord and Savior that the participants showed during all competitions. Regarding their beautiful voices, their uniforms, it was really a moment of glory. “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on hearth to those with whom He is pleased!” (Luke 2:14). All participants were offered rice, a small amount of money as prize and 10 New Testaments for the five rooms. They say that they did not want to stay longtime in this prison, but they hope the continuation of this kind of event every year.

2014-11-04 10.41.53 2014-11-04 11.23.52
2014-11-11 10.32.54 2014-11-18 10.51.44
2014-11-18 11.10.06 2014-11-18 11.30.22
2014-11-04 11.07.05 2014-11-04 11.25.00
The three judges: Mr Jeannot and Jaona from the LHM and Mrs. Lalaina representative of prison

BCC graduated students

The Word of God proclaims Salvation

The partnership between LHM and Peniela Ambodifasina Reformed Church on BCC and Film showing began on 2012. Since this year, about 80 Christians enrolled to BBC. In order to motivate and convince again the parishioners to study the Bible so that they grow deeply in faith, a ceremony of awarding certificates to the BCC graduated students was organized during Sunday service. The pastor Mamy Vokantsoa R in charge of this Parish was very grateful for the work of the LHM because through BCC, the Word of God came knocking on our door and want to remain in our own home, as our salvation.

DSC_0126 DSC_0134
Mr. Jeannot volunteer preaching Mr Jeannot, Lalao and the Pastor
DSC_0147 DSC_0167
The Pastor awarding certifcats to BCC graduated students The choirs attending the ceremony

ETS Workshop – extending the ETS Training to other Synods.

I say YES Lord

The first ETS for the new FY 14/15 was successfully carried out on 06, 07 November 2014 at FOFIKRI Center, Antananarivo. As our goal is to extend the ETS Training to other Synods each year, thanks to the Lord Jesus, we had three new Synods as partners (Western, Northern and Center Antananarivo Reformed Church Synod). A total of 34 participants attended the training and 5 Pastors: Rev Andrianalijaona Norosoa (Western Synod), Rev Rajaonarison Rado F (North Synod), and Rev Rakotomalala Jean Jacques and Rev Rakotonirina Velson (Center Synod), Rev Raharijaona Hanitra R (Southern Synod) . Most of the participants are leaders or members of the Department of Evangelization in their own church. So, this ETS Training is a big help for them as everyone said that they get and learn different approaches on evangelization and communication which are very useful for having a good result. It encouraged them to go ahead and said YES to the Lord. As usual, all participants were awarded certificates at the closing ceremony of the workshop.

DSC_0228 DSC_0287
DSC_0456 DSC_0459
IMG_0721 DSC_0283
DSC_0204 DSC_0431
IMG_0706 IMG_0737
IMG_0772 IMG_0831
DSC_0357 DSC_0465
DSC_0316 IMG_0788
The five Pastors attending the ETS, the LHM Director and Staff Groupe picture

Establishing new partnership

LHM church partners come from the Lutheran Church and the Reformed Church, currently, they are around hundred. But we always continue to develop our partnership; we are always looking for new partners. The best way to establish a new partnership is a direct contact or visit to the Church leaders. Thank the Lord, many of them are interested and convinced by the importance of working together as they said: “There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them” (I Corinthians 12:4)

DSC_0124 58117725
31580112 DSC_0175
Mr. Louis, Mrs Lalao and Mr Fidèle met the church leaders