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Christians are supposed to be strong in faith.

Based on the wish of the church and the volunteers who work with the LHM Madagascar, a sensitization aiming t enroll Christians at Imerintsiatosika Reformed Church to the BCC was held last Sunday, 15th March 2015. AT that time, more information about media used by the LHM Madagascar were given such as BCC, literature, films, tracts, radio program, etc… This has been done to help churches, schools and other centers in spreading the Gospel and building Christians’ life in faith. Then, the LHM Madagascar gave thanks and encouraged the Christians, especially Ms Julienne, a LHM volunteer for her efforts. After that, Rev. Dieu Domine Raharivaonjanahary appreciated the LHM efforts and encouraged the Christians.

DSC_0557 DSC_0554
Rev. Dieu Domine Raharivaonjanahary
in charge of Imerintsiatosika reformed Church
LHM Staff
DSC_0552 DSC_0560
Ms Julienne, a LHM Volunteer
and he congregation
Imerintsiatosika Reformed Church is located
20 km west of the capital

ETS Workshop Training

Extending partnership with Antananarivo Lutheran Synod.

As we programmed five ETS Workshop each Fiscal Year (FY), the third ETS for this FY14/15 was successfully carried out on 05, 06 March 2015 at Ambohibao Lutheran Revival Center in Antananarivo. Our goal is to extend the ETS Training to other Synods each year, Lutheran and Reformed Churches. Five Lutheran Churches and a total of 34 participants with one Pastor, Rev Randrianirina Solofoson Gilbert (Antananarivo Synod) attended the workshop. Rev. Gilbert was actively participated in the implementation of the workshop and he presented the last module. So, this ETS Training is a big help for them as everyone said that they get and learn different approaches on evangelization and communication which are very useful for having a good result. As usual, all participants were awarded certificates at the closing ceremony of the workshop. We thanks to the Lord Jesus because the two last ETS Workshop will be programmed with two others Lutheran Synods.

DSC_0355 DSC_0350
DSC_0261 DSC_0311
DSC_0321 DSC_0358
IMG_1912 DSC_0377
DSC_0320 DSC_0266
DSC_0464 DSC_0465
DSC_0494 IMG_1957
DSC_0508 IMG_1968

Nanisana High School, LHM Club

God and Possessions

The Nanisana High School LHM Club weekly meeting is focused on Bible study and worship time. Every third Tuesday of the month, the staff LHM is in charge of preaching the Word of God followed by an exchange and sharing time. As evil is always trying to trap the young for stirring up all kinds of selfish desires, then for the month of February, the shared theme was taken from the Bible verse can “No one can be a slave of two masters…you cannot serve God and money.” (Matthew 6:24).

DSC_0196 DSC_0205
Jemima, the LHM Volonteers sharing LHM Club’s program to the members That’s how we receive a new member of the Club

Lutheran Church Tanambao District, Manakara Synod and LHM partnership

A preliminary meeting

The partnership between the Manakara Lutheran Synod and LHM already existed but the relationship has been thoroughly suspended during a few years. Thanks the Lord, a preliminary meeting with five Pastors from Antanambao District (Rev. Randrianiaina James; Rev. Rasolomampionona Noelson; Rev. Ramilavonjy Michel; Rev. Ramarolahy Hugues; Rev Rakotomiandrisoa Pierrot) and the LHM Director (Andrianasolo Jaona) took place in Manakara on February 18, 2015. The goal of this meeting was to set up again a new partnership through ETS Workshop Training. As a result, an ETS training will be held in Antanambao District on March 14-15,2015.

The five Pastors and The LHM Director IMG_1861a
The five Pastors and The LHM Director


A big part of Madagascar especially, Antananarivo the Capital are on high alert state.

It does not stop raining for some days and that the damage is considerable: house collapses, degradation of road infrastructure; flooded rice fields, landslides, hills risk of collapse. Antananarivo, more precisely, its plains are under threat of flooding, life becomes expensive. At present, there are thousands of victims, deaths and injuries. Furthermore, local authorities, the services concerned have made efforts to raise awareness on behavioral reflexes and principle of evacuation. Finally, all humanitarian actors are already on war foot awaiting the evolution of the situation. As Madagascar is currently in full cyclonic period from December 2014 until the month of April 2015 and rainy season, Antananarivo and many other parts of the Island are currently under threat of flooding to be on red alert. As a result the majority of people are far from taking a normal life. Even for LHM, there has been a decreasing number of BCC students and volunteers who pass in the Office. May the Lord be gracious to our country.

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Inondation 4 Inondation 5
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