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ETS Workshop Training

Lutheran Church Ambalavao Tsienimparihy District, Central Synod and LHM partnership

Rev Andrianarivonirina Dieu Donné was in charge of Andohamatsiatra District, Central Synod where the LHM had organized twice ETS. His evangelism program in this District has brought good result on responses, referrals, connections and BCC graduated students. Currently he is designated to take in charge the District of Ambalavao Tsienimparihy in the same Central Synod. According to his the request an ETS workshop took place on May 14 -15, 2015. A total of 30 participants from 6 congregations within Ambalavao Tsienimparihy Parishes attended this Workshop. We are reminded that the Central Synod is characterized by strong ancestor’s pagan impacts. Rev. Randrianaivonirina Dieu Donné, Head of the Andohamatsiatra District actively participated in the implementation of the workshop, he presented the modules 2 and 7. The participants showed a real interest and were very thankful to the Lord because it was an enriching event. As usual, the closing of the training was ended with a certificate award ceremony.

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Youth Program

Nanisana High School LHM Club:
Bible contest

According to the LHM Club Nanisana High School activities program, biblical contest from film showing entitled “Hidden Island” was held with a written aspect. Twenty nine students participated in the biblical contest. Prizes were handed out for the first ten winners. The film showing was followed by debate. Everyone enjoyed the event and realized they learn more about the Bible message.

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Lutheran Hour Ministries:

Visit of Eric Gates, the African and Middle East Regional Director

Eric Gates, the African and Middle East R.D visited LHM Madagascar on May 1-7, 2015. It was his third visit to Madagascar. During his passage, a meeting was organized with the LHM Staff to share the content of the training held in Adis Abeba for the African Region on April 27-30, 2015 especially on the LHM story, mission, vision and the strategic priority. He also shared with the staff, the other African countries experiences on various activities carried out. Currently, LHM has spilled into 35 countries worldwide. Then he met the General Secretary of the Lutheran Church, Rev Samoela Georges on the Lutheran Church about the LHM partnership. As usual, he had met the person in charge of each department about the program process and provided them some suggestions and advices for the improvement and development of LHM program in Madagascar. As this is the fifteenth anniversary of LHM Madagascar, we took lunch together before his departure for South Africa. He gave thanks to Mr. Andrianasolo Jaona, the Director of LHM and his staff on their work throughout the island. The LHM Madagascar thanked him also and hopes for the continuation of LHM activities in our country.

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Prayer Sunday for LHM and Gideon

For the Church partner Kristy Fiainana Bemasoandro Reformed Church, the first Sunday of May is dedicated to carry in prayer the activities of LHM and Gideon. So, on Sunday, May 3, 2015, Rev Botofanjely Samuel and committee members of the Church invited the LHM and the Gideon to attend the Sunday service and raise awareness to the Christians about the activities offered by the two partners. The LHM is very grateful for this decision taken by this Church because prayer is very important in the implementation of activities. It was also an opportunity for LHM to encourage the Christians to learn the Bible through BCC and to motivate the commissioned volunteers attending the ETS to go ahead for their outreach program. LHM brochures were distributed during the service.

Rev. Botofanjely Sammuel Louis, LHM Program Manager
Rev. Botofanjely Sammuel Louis, LHM Program Manager
Lalao, LHM  Audience Relations The Christians attending the worship
Lalao, LHM Audience Relations The christians attending the worship