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ETS Workshop Training

The first ETS for the FY 2015/2016

As one of the LHM goal is to strengthen his partnership with churches. So, it is worth mentioning that the partnership between LHM and the four churches benefited this training has already started for more than 5 years through the BCC and Film showing. Thanks the Lord the ETS workshop was successfully carried out at Hanitra Center, Antananarivo on August 13-14, 2015. The 24 participants were from the Southern and Eastern Antananarivo Reformed Church Synod. The three Pastors: Rev. Ravaoarisoa Juliette, Ampahitrosy Firaisana Reformed Church; Rev. Andrianaivomahenintsoa Natanaela, Ambohijoky Fihavanana Reformed Church; Rev. Ravololoson Esther, Andraisoro Reformed Church have actively participated in the implementation of the workshop by sharing their own Church experiences and presenting module. But, Rev. Ramamonjy Vonimboahangy, Ankadiaivo Miaramino Reformed Church was absent for a mission that she has to perform abroad. Not only that the content of the training is very important for the participants to get a good result on evangelization, but the Pastors property mentioned that they have learned a good method of work on how to train those who proclaim the message. As usual, the closing of the training was ended with a certificate award ceremony.

Rev Natanaela opening the worship-0 The LHM Director presenting module-1
Rev Natanaela opening the worship The LHM Director presenting module
The Program Manager presenting module-2 The Audience Relations presenting module-3
The Program Manager presenting module The Audience Relations presenting module
Rev Vololona presenting module-4 The participants-5
Rev Vololona presenting module The participants
Participant asking question-6 Participant sharing experience-7
Participant asking question Participant sharing experience
8 9
10 Working group-11
Working group
12 Group reporting-13
Group reporting
Awarding certificate-14 Rev Juliette closing the worship-15
Awarding certificate Rev Juliette closing the worship
The LHM Director and the Pastors-16 Group picture-17
The LHM Director and the Pastors Group picture

The Malagasy Lutheran Church Revival Group convention (FiFiL) and the LHM partnership

“I know whom I have trusted” 2Timothy 1:12

The sixth Malagasy Lutheran Church Revival Group Convention was held in Morondava (Menabe Synod), South Western part of Madagascar, on August 4-10, 2015. It is a unique event within the MLC which is held every 3 years. The slogan of the Convention was “I know whom I have trusted” 2Timothy 1:12. The LHM was invited to be among those giving a speech during the meeting. It was the LHM Program Manager who addressed to the attendants: he reminded the fruitful cooperation between LHM and several MLC Synods that started in 2000; took the opportunity to establish a new partnership and to make known about LHM and its activities. A LHM booth was held through which we could: display our different media (BCC, Booklets, Films and LHM newspapers); exhibit pictures on all ETS performed throughout the island; meet Pastors and volunteers and sell satchels as a fund raising. 1,500 prospectus and tracts about radio program were freely distributed. The convention lasted 6 days; the attendants were coming from all over Madagascar and Overseas.

DSC_1073 DSC_1076
The Christians attending the meeting
DSC_0963 DSC_0979
The Christians attending the meeting Dr Endor Modest, the President of the Malagasy Lutheran Church
DSC_0027 DSC_1008
The LHM Program Manager addressing to the attendants The LHM staff holding the booth
DSC_1013 DSC_0877
The LHM staff holding the booth
DSC_0910 DSC_1002
The Christians attending the meeting