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“Young people reflect of the Gospel”

The Association “Young people reflect of the Gospel” in Antananarivo University was created in the month of July 2014 and composed of 35 members from different Departments. At the begining, the members met every Wednesday afternoon for a prayer meeting. But then they realized that those who truly believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour will share and proclaim the Gospel to the others. So, two students representative of this Association (Mr Narindra and Mr Guillaume; BCC student) had come to LMH Office for partnership through BCC, Christian Literature and film showing. After their meeting with the Staff LHM, they have already taken some BCC, christian literatures and programmed film projection sessions. They hope that all the students will put their studies and future in Jesus’s hands.

“For what is life? To me, is Christ” Philippians 1:21

Bible Correspondance Course.

The sensitization continues

To make known the LHM activities especially the BCC, the staff and volunteers LHM continue to contact and meet the Church leaders. Rev. Rakotodramanana Fitahiana in charge of Reformed Church Lovatiana Fianarantsoa (Eastern Central of Madagascar) hoped to work with LHM in order to help the Christians and the leaders of branches of his church to grow in the faith. While he was still following his studies at the Reformed University of Madagascar, then in September 18, 2015, he took advantage of his passage in this University to meet LHM staff and voluntary for more information on BCC. He is very grateful for the noble mission that LHM performs and told that the BCC is very important to nurture and educate the Christians faith.

Rev.Fitahiana and Lalao Staff LHM Rev. Fitahiana and Jean Fidele LHM Volunteer
Rev.Fitahiana and Lalao Staff LHM Rev. Fitahiana and Jean Fidele LHM Volunteer

Celebration of the seventeenth anniversary as a Pastor of the Ankadiaivo Miaramino Reformed Church

The Catechumens had a booth to display and sell the LHM media

It makes seventeen years that Pasteur Ramamonjy Vonimboahangy is in charge of Ankadiavo Reformed Church. To mark and celebrate this anniversary, the different branches within the Church organized a big event on September 04 – 06, 2015: sport competition, sale exhibit, Bible contest and especially worship prayer to praise and glorify the Lord. It is worth mentioning that Ankadiaivo Miaramino Reformed Church is one of LHM Church partners through BBC and ETS. So during this event, the catechumens held a stand through which they displayed and sold the LHM media (BCC, Booklets, Films, radio program flyers, LHM newspapers) and satchels with LHM Logo. The celebration had gone well with joy and peace for all participants, parishioners, visitors and the Pastor and his family. God is so good

DSC_0441 DSC_0459
DSC_0512 DSC_0510

Hermona Finoana Reformed Church

Prayer Sunday for LHM and its activities

The Hermona Finoana Reformed Church is very grateful for the LHM efforts and partnership with the Church to assist the Christians to grow in faith. For that, the Pastor Jean Jacques Rakotomalala and the Church Committees have decided to dedicate the first Sunday of September to carry in prayer the LHM and its activities. Then, on Sunday September 6, 2015, the LHM was invited to attend the Sunday service. During it, the LHM Staff LHM addressed to the Christians to encouraged and motivated them especially to enroll to BCC, to read the Christian literature and to listen to the Radio program as Jesus is the bread of life and He told: “He who comes to me will never be hungry; he who believes in me will never be thirsty” (John 6: 35). For those who attended the ETS Workshop training, the LHM staff reminded them about the mission Jesus chose and appointed them to go and bear much fruit. It was a precious time for both partners.

DSC_0564 DSC_0556
Rev.Jean Jacques Rakotomalala Mrs Lalao staff LHM and Mr Jean Fidele LHM Volunteer
DSC_0560 DSC_0573
The Christians The Hermona Finoana Reformed Church

The twentieth anniversary of of the Prayer group within the Hospital Center Itaosy Antananarivo Madagascar

God’s great mercy

Since January 2014, some members of the Prayer group at Itaosy Hospital Center composed of employees, nurses and Doctors, follow Bible Correspondence Courses (BBC) offered by LHM. Seven Doctors enrolled to BCC and three of them have already completed their studies. To mark this anniversary, an evening prayer has been thoroughly organized and the LHM was invited to project a film. The film entitled “Every moment is a gift” was projected in which the message to be transmitted concerns our physical suffering and the extraordinary grace God shown us, His priceless gift. It was Mr. Jean Fidel an LHM volunteer in charge of BCC in this Hospital who directed film followed by a debate. The members of the Prayer group affirmed that they are only an instrument in the God’s hands but it is Jesus who heals all our diseases.

P1020088 P1020151
P1020095 P1020102
P1020135 P1020144