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Women prisoners in Antanimora

Evangelical shows: Gala and Esther theatrical piece

For this year 2015, the women prisoners in the prison Antanimora (Antananarivo the Capital of Madagascar)) and LHM organized an evangelical gala and Esther (character in the Bible) theatrical piece. 30 women participated in this event which took place on November 17, 2015. All the prisoners and prison staff are invited to attend this celebration and to glorify the birth of Christ, the Word became flesh. It was a moment of joy and an opportunity for everybody to learn more about the Bible, the history of Esther (her character and the King’s Edict in Behalf of the Jews). All participants were offered rice and a small amount of money as a gift. During the event, the LHM staff continued to give information about LHM, especially about BCC. The ceremony was closed with refreshment.












“Listen to his voice”

Monthly broadcasting program

For the two first radio broadcast for the month of November, the program aired through our eight radio station partners were not the same. For the two radios Station in Antananarivo, the theme focused was on “The second coming of Christ”. As this theme is especially a Biblical theme, two Pastors were invited for the program: Rev. Dr Razafindrakoto Georges and Rev Razafiharison Yves (Lutheran Churches Antananarivo Synod). For Toamasina and Antsirabe, the theme was “The last time” (broadcasted in Antananarivo on September 2015). For Toliara, Mahajanga, Alatsinainy Bakaro and Ambalavao Tsienimparihy, the main theme addressed was focused on “This passing away life and the after death” (broadcasted in Antananarivo on October 2015).

Rev Dr Razafindrakoto Georges Rev Razafiharison Yves
DSCF2915 Dr Randriamanantena Yvonne
(The LHM Director’s wife)

Nanisana High School

Students accepting Jesus as their Ruler and Teacher

For the new School year 2015/2016, once again, the LHM staffs raised awareness on the BCC and the existence of the LHM Club within this High School. It was held during the flag-raising ceremony (on Monday morning), attended by all students, teachers and the Dean. Jemima, the LHM volunteer responsible of LHM Club took the opportunity to give more information on the different activities undertaken by the Club during his weekly meeting. She invited all students to join the club because it is very important to have Jesus in their study life.

DSC_0699 DSC_0733
Nanisana High School; The Dean and his Assistant
DSC_0706 DSC_0739
The flag raising; The students
DSC_0720 DSC_0725
Mrs Lalao and Mss Jemima raised awarness among the students

University Students and Evangelization

“Go with all your great strength” Judges 6:14

The leaders of the Association “Young people reflect of the Gospel” in Antananarivo University are never stop convincing the students to study the Bible. Lately they were at the LHM office because they realized the importance of Evangelization within the University and hope to collaborate about BCC and Film Showing. Thanks God, as a result, some students are convinced to study the Bible. They were therefore come to LHM Office and enrolled to BCC. We hope that they will be able to put their studies and their future life in the hands of the Lord as it is said:“If the lord does not built the house, the work of the builders is useless” Psalms 127:1

Mrs Nivo, LHM Secretary and the students Whith  joy they received the BCC lesson
Mrs Nivo, LHM Secretary and the students Whith joy they received the BCC lesson