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Film Showing

Family reflecting the Glory of God

As a follow up of the ETS Training carried out on October 01-02, 2015 at Kristy Fiainana Antanetilava Reformed Church, Rev. Andriatsihoarana Joasy in charge of this Parish and the commissioned volunteers did the work by visiting people especially the cohabiting couples. So, hoping to well transmit the message of the Bible about the family according to God’s will the film entitled “The Stranger” was projected by LHM in this Church. Everybody were invited to watch the film in which the message to be transmitted concerned a “family reflecting the Glory of God”. About 315 country sides were responded to the call. As a result, 10 cohabiting couples have agreed to marry religiously.

DSC_0641 DSCF5913
DSC_0594 DSC_0619
DSC_0669 DSC_0811

ETS Workshop Training

Second Partnership with Manakara Synod (SPMa)

In response to the request of Rev Andrianiaina James in charge of Tanambao District, Manakara Synod, an ETS workshop training focused on two important issues, namely Leadership and Communication was successfully carried out on December 08, 09, 2015. It’s better to mentioned that it was the second ETS for this District this year. The 32 participants attending the Training were all active Leaders of different department and branches in their own Congregation. Six Pastors in charge of six Parishes namely Rev Andrianiaina James, Rev Rakotomiandrisoa Pierrot, Rev Mahitavelo Herilalaina, Rev Tsino Ratsaramiafara Alfred, Rev Rasolomampionona A.Nelson and Rev Velonjara Paul attended the ETS, took part in the sharing experience, the opening and the closing devotion. During the two days, the works of the team group were oriented on Jesus, Nehemiah, Moise, Phillip and Peter as a good Leader and good Communicator in the Bible. So, we expect that all the participants will be able to share what they have learnt and received once back to their respective home churches. As usual, the closing of the training was ended with a certificate award ceremony.

Tanambao District, Manakara Synod Rev Andrianiaina James Olav opening the service
Tanambao Manakara Lutheran Church Rev Andrianiaina James opening the service
The LHM Director presenting a module The program Manager presenting a module
The LHM Director presenting a module The Program Manager presenting a module
The Audience Relations presenting a module Participant asking questions.
The Audience Relations presenting a module Participant asking question
Participant asking questions DSC_0272
Participant asking question Working group
DSC_0277 DSC_0279
Working group Working group
DSC_0287 Participant sharing her team works
Working group Participant sharing the team work
Participant sharing her team works. Picture of the participants
Participant sharing the team works The participants
The 5 Pastors attending the ETS training workshop. The 5 Pastors attending the ETS training workshop
The 6 Pastors attending the ETS training workshop
The Pastors distributed the certificate Rev Rakotomiandrisoa Pierrot closing the service
The Pastors distributed the certificate Rev Rakotomiandrisoa Pierrot closing the service

Volunteers meeting

Bible Correspondance Courses evaluation

From June 2015 (New Fiscal year), the number of new BCC students enrolled has decreased compared to the average number (250) we have set to reach per month after our goals. For that, a volunteers meeting was organized on November 28, 2015 at the LHM Office as a follow up. 46 volunteers attended the meeting which was divided in 4 parts:
– Lifting up a prayer for: the evangelization in Madagascar, BCC students, volunteers, LHM and the country.
– Decreasing number of new BCC students: the reasons, problems faced by the Volunteers, the solutions on its problems (sharing and exchanging experiences).
– Awarding six volunteers according to: his numbers of new BCC students during the last six month, his motivation and assiduity and his fidelity. But a special gift was given to each volunteer as an encouragement and motivation.
– Giving more information about the Christmas Contest.
We hope that this meeting will bring a new breath to everyone and the number of new BCC will increase because the Word of God is the Real life. “Alwaysgive yourselves fully to the work of the Lord”.

DSC_0013 DSC_0015
Lalao, the Audience Relations leading the meeting Praying
DSC_0030 DSC_0165
Rev Simon, preaching gospel Mrs Nivo giving the special gift to the volunteers
DSC_0075 DSC_0117
Volunteers sharing experience
DSC_0142 DSC_0068
The LHM Director and the five awarded volunteers Volunteers attended the meeting