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Ankadivoribe Famonjena Reformed Church

Legalizing marital status for couple

The Ankadivoribe Famonjena Reformed Church benefited the ETS Workshop carried out on November 2013. As, marriage must be honored among all, Rev. R. Joseph Andriamparany in charge of the Church and the Department for Evangelization keep as its first priority the sensitization of cohabiting couples to legalize and to officialize their marital status. According to their outreach program for year 2016, they visited the families’ door to door twice a month. As a result, because of the cooperation of the official of the municipality and the LHM commissioned volunteers, 10 cohabiting couples got married officially and legally, received Church blessing. They are all now members of Ankadivoribe Famonjena Reformed Church. They are ready to baptize their children.

DSC01087 DSC01274
The 10 couples get married officially and legally
DSC01113 DSC01181
The married signed the act of marriage The Mayor giving the act of marriage assisted by the two commissioned volunteers

Staff meeting

Works organization

Since the month of April 2016, Mr. Louis, the LHM Program Manager is the Acting Director of LHM Madagascar. To ensure the continuation and proper functioning of the different activities, Mr. Louis and the staff were meeting this week. The agenda of the meeting was to see the program to perform and the goal to achieve for the last two months of the fiscal year 2015/2016 according to MPG. Everyone agreed that a staff meeting will be held every Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

Mr. Louis and the staff

Film Showing

The Lord is good

After the LHM staff visit of the Reformed Church Ambohibary Zoara on March to make the Christians aware about Bible study, thank the Lord about 65 Christians have responded to the call and enrolled to BCC. Rev. Ratsimbazafy in charge of this Church realized that it is better to continue and to reinforce the awareness through film projection. Then again, he asked the LHM Staff to project the films entitled: “Jesus” and “The journey to the sky” on April 2, 2016. The country people are very interested in watching film, so even if Ambohibary is a small village, about 349 Christians and non-Christians were attending the film showing. Rev. Ratsimbazafy, Mrs Beby the LHM BCC volunteer and the LHM staff were very happy because through this event, we had the opportunity to convince everyone again on the importance of Studying the Word of God and for having Jesus our Lord and Savior in our life.

DSC_0771 DSC_0773
Rev. Ratsimbazafy in charge of Ambohibary Zoara Reformed Church Mr Jaona Martin, staff LHM projecting the film
The assistants

Visit of Mr. Eric Gates, the African and Middle East Regional Director

A very encouraging and motivating meeting

Mr John Andrianasolo the Director of the LHM Madagascar has retired from the month of April 2016 after fifteen years of service. Then, Mr Eric Gates visited the LHM Madagascar on March 21-24, 2016 for the continuation of the LHM activities. For now, it is Mr. Louis Rabehajaina, the actual Program Manager who is designated as the Acting Director. But it’s the whole team (staff) who will decide and work together for development and functioning of the LHM activities and especially for the achievement of the LMH goal. The meeting with Mr. Eric Gates was a very strengthening and encouraging moment to all LHM staff and volunteers. We hope that we will find the best, right person to manage the LHM Madagascar.

DSC_0755 Mr Louis Rabehajaina, the Program Manager
Mr Eric Gates, Mr Jaona Andrianasolo (LHM Director) and some staff and volunteer. Mr Louis Rabehajaina, the Program Manager

Youth Program

Nanisana High School LHM Club: Bible contest

The LHM’s partnership with the Nanisana High School for more than seven years is very fruitful. Students studied the Bible through the Bible Correspondence Course; increased their faith by reading Christian books and by the biblical message convey by film projection. As film showing is an efficient tool to educate and nurture the student’s faith, every year a biblical contest from film showing was organized for the LHM Club Nanisana High School members but all students are also invited. On March 16, 2016 the biblical contest from film showing entitled “Journey to the sky” was held with a written aspect. Sixty seven students participated in the biblical contest. Prizes were handed out for the first ten winners. Everyone enjoyed the event and realized they learnt more about the Bible message. The Bible contest is aimed to encourage the students to love and live deeply the Word of God. It is also an opportunity for Jemima the LHM volunteer to give more information about LHM and the program activities of the Club LHM in Nanisana High School.

DSC_0611 DSC_0618
The Students
DSC_0638 DSC_0702
Test scoring by Lalao, Jaona Martin (Staff LHM) and Fetra a BCC graduated student
DSC_0723 DSC_0741
Awarding prizes