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Tanjombato Lutheran Parish, Antananarivo Synod

ETS: a preliminary meeting

To develop the partnership with Lutheran Church, the LHM staff (Mr. Louis the Program Manager and Lalao the Audience relations) met Rev. Randrianarison Henri Réné in charge of Tanjombato Lutheran Parish, Anosibe District to set up a new partnership through ETS Workshop. Both partners are convinced that if we expect to reach more people to the Kingdom of God, we have to join hands. As a result, an ETS workshop will be held on October 2016. It will be the second ETS for the new FY 2016/2017.

Rev. Henri Réné Randrianarison, Mr Louis and Mrs. Lalao

Andoharanofotsy High School

Film projection at the High School of Andoharanofotsy

Mrs. Isabelle is a teacher in Andoharanofotsy High School of Antananarivo, and she is also an LHM Volunteer, responsible of BCC grading. As an educator, she is convinced that, it is very important to take care of the students’ spiritual life, not only their knowledge. She always keeps helping and encouraging the students to study the Bible, the Word of life. As a result, some students in this High School enroll in Bible Correspondence Course (BCC). To close the School Year 2015/2016, she invited the LHM Staff to project the film entitled “The stranger”. The Bible message to the students was about “Forgiving and forgetting”. The LHM took the opportunity to raise awareness about BCC and asked them to put always their study and life in Jesus’s hands. It was a wonderful sharing time for everybody.

DSC_0278 DSC_0305
Mrs. Lalao, LHM Staff Mrs. Isabelle, LHM volunteer
???????????????????????????????????? DSC_0294
Mr Jaona Martin, LHM Staff and The students watching the film

LHM Club Nanisana High School

Together, we pray

All official exams for Secondary and High Schools in Madagascar start from the month of July. To close the academic year (2015/2016) and to pray for the students who are going to pass an exam, the LHM club participated in the worship organized at the LHM Office every Friday afternoon by staff and volunteers. It took place the last Friday July 8, 2016. As usual, the LHM Club praised the Lord in singing. It was Jemima, the LHM volunteer in Nanisana who led the team.

DSC_0063 ????????????????????????????????????
Mr. Louis, leading the devotion Jemima and the LHM Club sang to praise Lord
DSC_0077 DSC_0088

Mr. Daniel Andriamanjaka, the current Director of LHM Madagascar

Introduction of Mr. Daniel to LHM team and orientation for LHM Ministry

After several months of searching for the right candidate to be the Director of LHM Madagascar, thanks the Lord Mr. Prosper Daniel Andriamanjaka has agreed to serve as Director and to join the ministry from the month of July 2016. For that, Mr. Eric Gates, the African and Middle East Regional Director visited LHM Madagascar on June 27 -30, 2016 to introduce him to LHM Madagascar team and especially to give him orientation about LHM Ministry: Ministry Overview, Philosophy, Reporting and Financial mechanisms. It was a plentiful sharing time, a new step for the next ten years. “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth”. 2 Timothy 2: 15

DSC_0242 DSC_0319
Mr Louis leading the Devotion Mr Gates officially named Mr Daniel as the Director of LHM Madagascar
DSC_0327 DSC_0369

Church visitation

That all people receive the kingdom of God

Mrs. Vero Esther is one of LHM volunteer in charge of BCC students in Ankazotoho Lutheran Church, Antananarivo Synod. It is a very small Church with a few Christians. Her hope is that all the Christians will grow in faith so that together they can bring people to the Church and the number of Christians will increase. For that, she asked the LHM Staff to convince and encourage the Christian to study the Bible through BCC during Sunday service. Rev. Tombotsoa is very thankful for LHM mission: “proclaiming the kingdom of God to everyone”.

DSC_0164 DSC_0181
Mrs Vero LHM Volunteer and Mrs. Lalao LHM staff Rev. Tombotsoa
The Christians attending the service Vero distributed the BCC lessons
The Christians attending the service Vero distributed the BCC lessons