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The 70 th celebration of the Lutheran Spiritual Revival Movement in Farihimena

“I will never break my covenant with you” Judges 2:1d

It is the slogan for the celebration of the 70 th anniversary of the Lutheran Spiritual Revival Movement in Farihimena, from 20 to 26 August 2016, located in 190 km from Antananarivo the Capital of Madagascar. Farihimena is one of the four major Revival Movements in Madagascar like Ankaramalaza. The LHM Madagascar participated in this event through the distribution of LHM Brochures and CDs to make known of its activities. Virginia (LHM Staff member) who represented LHM is also the wife of Rev. Zoulder David, Pastor of Malagasy Lutheran Church in Makedonia Ambatolampy (branch of the Lutheran Revival Movement Farihimena) and at the same time LHM Volunteer.

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The LHM Club Nanisana High School and the Christian Youth Branch in Ambohimalaza Reformed Church

“The believers work together through faith”

This was the theme of the Reformed Church during this month of August 2016. For Ambohimalaza Reformed Church, August is also dedicated to the Christian Youth Branch (CYB) to perform various events to preach the Gospel (Evangelical song, drama…). Mr. Mamy the President of this CYB was a BCC student and has completed his course that’s why he invited the LHM Club to sing and play drama in the Church. He hoped that the cooperation between LHM and Ambohimalaza Reformed Church would continue and develop through Film showing and BCC for all young members in this branch and for all the Christian members. It is true that believers should work together for the Kingdom of God.

DSCF4148 DSCF4179
Ambohimalaza Reformed Church Mr. Mamy, the President of CYB
DSCF4198 DSCF4225
The LHM Club Singing The LHM Club playing Drama
DSCF4241 DSCF4251
It’s so good praised the Lord together

“Listen to his voice”

Monthly broadcasting program

Thank the Lord that currently the LHM collaborate with nine Radio Stations from different regions of Madagascar. We hope that God’s Word aired through these Radio Stations will touch many people in their respective homes, encouraging them to seek the Lord. We also thank the Lord that more and more Church Leaders are keen to partner with LHM as to proclaim the Gospel through radio program. We now have a monthly program where one Church Leader participates in a topic discussion on the radio.

DSC_0830 ????????????????????????????????????
Rev. Randrianarivelo Joseph (Director of the Lutheran Printing) Rev. Rajoelisolo Jules (Caring Parent of the Lutheran Revival Spiritual Movement Farihimena)
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Mr. Rasolonjatovo Mamy (Caring Parent of the Lutheran Revival Spiritual Movement, 238 67 HA) Mr. Rakotondraibe Bernard (Caring Parent of the Lutheran Revival Spiritual Movement Soatanana Ilafy)

Bible Correspondance Course

Rewarding certificate to BCC graduated students

The Antanetilava Kristy Fiainana Reformed Church is one of LHM Church Partners. Rev. Andriatsihoarana Joasy, the Pastor in charge of this Church is constantly seeking ways to convince the Christians to study the Word of God. Thank the Lord that within one year about 60 students enrolled to BCC. In order to motivate and convince again more parishioners to study the Bible so that they grow deeply in faith, a ceremony of awarding certificates to the eight BCC graduated students was organized during Sunday service. The LHM partnership is very important and helpful for the Church to nurture the spiritual life of the Christians


DSC_0097 DSC_0093
Mr Jaona Martin, LHM Staff addressed to the congregation Rev. Andriatsihoarana Joasy awarding certificates
DSC_0110 DSC_0113
The Christians attending the service The 08 BCC graduated students

The 75 th celebration of the Lutheran Spiritual Revival Movement and the LHM activities

This year’s the theme was taken from Amos 5:6 “Seek the Lord and you live”

The Revival Movement annual event and the 75 th jubilee took place in Ankaramalaza (in South East part of Madagascar about 617 Km from Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar). It was a very inspiring event gathering about 25 000 people from the North, South, East West of Madagascar and more than 50 people from Europe, South Africa and America. As part of evangelization, the event committee organized sports event such as canoeing race competition and marathon. Lots of young people surrounding the Revival camp mostly gentiles participated and they had time to listen to the Word of God. LHM Madagascar was actively participating in this annual event through its exhibition of all media products. This was also an opportunity to the LHM Director, Mr. Daniel Andriamanjaka to meet with different Pastors from different congregations and Synods to present and discuss about a possibility to improve the relationship, the networking and ETS programs. Among the outcomes were ETS confirmations, meeting with few BCC volunteers, distribution of 3 400 LHM brochures, 350 responses received who were interested in BCC, Christian Literatures and Christians films.

DSC_0216 DSC_0669
The Ankaramalaza Lutheran Church
DSC_0701 DSC_0156
Canoeing race competitions
DSC_0257 DSC_0278
The LHM Director and the LHM team (Staff and volunteers) LHM booth with the different media
DSC_0337 DSC_0370
The visitors
DSC_0548 DSC_0634
Mr. Daniel Andriamanjaka, LHM Director discussing with Pastor
DSC_0360 DSC_0062
The Christians attending the 75th celebration