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Holistic Program

School Supplies offered to the most needed students in Mananjary High School

During ETS training in Antsenavolo Lutheran Parish, the LHM Director and his staff took advantage to visit Rev. Ranaivosolo Jaona in charge of Mananjary District. This was to establish a new partnership with this Distict. After this meeting, the LHM team visited the Mananjary High School whose Director is a member of the Mananjary Lutheran Church. During the visit, the LHM offered school supplies for the most needed in this High School. The Director was very grateful for this support. As a Director, he is the first responsible for the education of students. He found that it was very important that students grow in faith along with school education. The Director agreed to work with LHM as a volunteer and will encourage the students and teachers to study the Word of God through BCC.

meeting-with-rev-ranaivosolo-jaona-mananjary the-director-of-mananjary-high-school-and-the-lhm-team
Meeting-with-Rev-Ranaivosolo-Jaona-Mananjary The-Director-of-Mananjary-high-school-and-the-lhm-team
the-school-supplies dsc_0038

Outdoor film showing:

The (road) street was crowded with all categories of people receiving the message

As part of a way to reach out the un-churched people, on October 6, 2016 evening, during the ETS Workshop at Antsenavolo, LHM team organized a film showing (Jesus) for the local community surrounding. It was projected in an open air at Irondro a small town of about 10km from Antsenavolo. More than 300 people gathered watching the film and enjoying themselves. They were very thankful for the work of LHM.

dsc_0379 dsc_0391

ETS Workshop at MLC Antsenavolo:

New partnership

The second ETS Training for the FY 2016-2017 took place at Antsenavolo Lutheran Church, Anala Synod (South East cost of Madagascar) on October 6-7, 2016. Our goal is to strengthen and extend our partnership with another MLC Synod and thanks to the Lord; a new partnership with Anala Synod was now established. 22 participants from twelve congregations attended the training, eight of which were catechists. Pastor, Lys Aguillar Randimbiarimanana in charge of Antsenavolo Parish led the worship and presented a module. He and all the participants, especially the catechists were very enthusiast of the training. They are responsible to run daily activities of their respective congregation after the Pastor.

dsc_0409 dsc_0253
Antsenavolo Lutheran Church
dsc_0228 dsc_0187
The Catechist, Mr Justin opening the worship Rev. Lys Aguillar Randimbiarimanana opening the ETS Workshop
dsc_0249 dsc_0353
Mr. Daniel, LHM Director and Mr. Louis Program Manager presenting modules
dsc_0448 dsc_0288
Mrs. Lalao, prsenting module and one participant asking question
dsc_0291 dsc_0238
dsc_0319 dsc_0461
dsc_0464 dsc_0426
Working group
dsc_0433 dsc_0497
The Pastor and the LHM Director awarding certificate
dsc_0526 dsc_0345
dsc_0333 dsc_0440
Pastor’s wife preparing the meal Group picture

Church visitation

Faithful in His work

All Christians are meant to proclaim the Word of God; this has to start with every one’s family. Every Christian has to grow in faith and to be faithful in the mission that Jesus assigns him/her. With this regards, in September 2, 2016, Rev. Rabedasy Herivao Bodolalaina, in charge of Ambohimanandray Reformed Church (40 KM from Antananarivo) invited LHM to encourage and motivate the parishioners to study the Bible through BCC. How are we sharing the Word of God, if do not learnt it?

dsc_0007 dsc_0015
Rev. Rabedasy Bodolalaina Lalao, LHM Staff
dsc_0025 dsc_0012
The new LHM Volunteer The Christians