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Film Showing to bring people to Church

Glory to God

Ambohitompoina is a small village located at 100 Km from Antananarivo with practically inaccessible road. Rev. Rado Lalaina Henintsoa Andrianomenjanahary has recently been appointed to be in charge of the Ambohitompoina MLC District, Avaratrimania Synod. Rev. Rado L.Andrianomenjanahary first mission was to proclaim the Gospel to the villagers because many of them still follow the traditional beliefs. To be able to do this and bring them to church and grow in faith, Rev. Rado L.Andrianomenjanahary invited LHM Staff to project successively film entitled “Jesus” and “The little shepherd”. LHM Staff had also an opportunity to introduce BCC program and encouraged them to do it. This was done on November 25-26, 2016. As a result, about 1.300 villagers responded to Pastor’s invitation and watched the films with joy. Everybody received the message of the Holy Scriptures. We believe that they will serve the Lord with faith.

rev-rado-andrianomenjanahary-jaona-martin-lhm-staff-mrs-pauline-lhm-volunteer ambohitompoina-lutheran-church
Rev. Rado Andrianomenjanahary, Jaona Martin, LHM staff; Mrs Pauline LHM volunteer Ambohitompoina Lutheran Church
everybody-were-hurrying-to-enter-the-church rev-rado-andrianomenjanahary
Everybody were hurrying to enter the Church Rev. Rado Andrianomenjanahary
? children-young-adult-watching-the-films
Jaona Martin projecting films, introducing BCC Children, Young, Adult watching the films

Andoharanofotsy High School

Opening of the school year 2016/2017

At the beginning of 2016-2017 School Year, the Andoharanofotsy High School organized an Ecumenical worship service on November 4, 2016. LHM were represented by Lalao Raveromanana (Audience Relations), Louis Rakoto Rabehajaina (Program Manager) and were given an opportunity to talk about LHM Madagascar activity in general and BCC in particular. Hoping to receive more and more BCC enrolment.

dsc_0957 dsc_0967

Lalao, LHM Staff and Isabelle, LHM BCC volunteer Lalao giving booklets to the Principal of Andoharanofotsy High School
dsc_0973 dsc_0951
Louis, LHM Staff and the Director of Andoharanofotsy Middle School The students

ETS Workshop at MLC Tanjombato

The LHM continues to expand its partnership with MLC Antananarivo Synod

On November 10-11, 2016, the MLC Tanjombato, Anosibe District, Antananarivo Synod benefited an ETS Training. It was the second ETS with Antananarivo Synod for the FY 2016/2017. Five Lutheran Churches and a total of 25 participants with two Pastors, Rev Henri René Randrianarison in charge of Tanjombato Parish and Rev. William Andriamanantenasoa in charge of Antalata Lutheran Church attended the workshop. The two pastors participated actively during the training by giving and sharing to the participants the Lutheran doctrine and policies about outreaching. All participants were happy as they learned many key lessons for the development of Church outreaching program. There was also time to talk about Muslim practice and sects’ religion in the country.

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Rev Henri René Randrianarison Rev. William Andriamanantenasoa
???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????
Mr. Daniel, LHM Director Mr. Louis, Program Manager
???????????????????????????????????? dsc_0066
Mrs.Lalao,Audience Relations A few moments’ relaxation
dsc_0034 dsc_0098
Participants asking questions
dsc_0120 dsc_0123
Working group
dsc_0040 dsc_0024
Group reporting
dsc_0136 ????????????????????????????????????
The two Pastors awarding sertificats
dsc_0069 dsc_0096
Group picture Tanjombato Lutheran Church

Young people reflect of the Gospel

“Go and proclaim the Gospel to all creation”

The members of the Association “Young people reflect of the Gospel” in Antananarivo University were not satisfied in preaching the Gospel only through BCC and film showing but must go and proclaim the Gospel to all creation. According to their outreach program for the year 2016, they have to go to the countryside to proclaim the Gospel by visiting the families’ door to door or in a public place. On October 2016, together with Youth in Mission members they carried out a campaign of evangelization for 2 days in a small village 75 KM from Tananarivo. Thanks the Lord, they were very satisfied because many people received the message of the Gospel, some young people enrolled to BCC.

dsc_0878 dsc_0740
“You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you possess eternal life.” John 5:39
dsc_0947 dsc_0886
Several kilometers on foot to reach the village Mr. Jaona Martin LHM Staff always ready (in the midle) with the team
dsc_0726 dsc_0763
Above all, the team prayed together
dsc_0794 dsc_0796
dsc_0826 dsc_0830
dsc_0859 dsc_0864
Preaching the gospel to the sick, children, laundrywomen, farmers, families…
dsc_0744-2 dsc_0790
In the evening, all the villagers were invited to watch the film “Jesus” Group picture of the team

Holistic program continue with Ambohimandry Lutheran Church

More than hundred elders and some babies with Youth Choir gathered at Ambohimandry Lutheran Church, Arivonimamo Parish to listen the Word of God shared by the Director of LHM Mr. Daniel Andriamanjaka. All elders and babies received blankets that LHM distributed with passion. Some youth members (23) also registered for BCC. This visit was accompanied by Rev. Hobinirina René in charge of 67 Ha Lutheran Church District. LHM was warmly welcomed by the congregation and this congregation expects a film showing soon.

dsc_0559 dsc_0563
???????????????????????????????????? dsc_0635
dsc_0648 dsc_0701

Private Schools Anjepy and Fanazava

Awarding certificate to BCC graduated students

For the beginning of the School year 2016/2017, Felana the LHM BCC volunteer in these two high Schools started the School year with Devotion to put everything in Jesus’ hand. During this opening time, LHM was given an opportunity to award certificate for the 26 BCC graduated students. This was done to encourage others.

dsc_0867 ????????????????????????????????????
???????????????????????????????????? dsc_0925

“Listen to His voice”

Extending the Radio Program in Northern part of Madagascar

Thanks to the Lord, our project to develop the radio program “Listen to his voice” with Tsiko Meva Ylang Radio Station FM 91 at Nosy Be a northern part of Madagascar was now established. Nosy be is Muslim dominated region, hence the importance of LHM mission to proclaim the Gospel there. The broadcasting contract was signed in September 21, 2016 between Mr.Daniel Andriamanjaka, the LHM Director and Mr. Serge Ratadiavina, Director of the Station. It is the ninth city that LHM aired its program “Listen to his voice”, May God bless our radio program every Tuesday at 4. 30 pm and rebroadcast on Thursday at the same time.

Mr.Daniel Andriamanjaka, LHM Director
and Mr. Serge Ratadiavina, Tsiko Meva Ylang Radio Station Director