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ETS Workshop at Lutheran Revival Center in Fort Dauphin

The LHM partnership with MLC Synod grows

Praise the Lord Jesus, an ETS Workshop was successfully carried out on January 18-19 at Nenilava Lutheran Revival Center in Fort Dauphin Synod (South Region, 1 300 km from the capital city of Antananarivo). 16 participants from seven Churches attended the training with seven Pastors in charge of the seven Parishes namely: Rev. Idéal Zafindrajoanasy, Rev. Jeannot Randrianambinina, Rev. Ephrem Jerome Rakotomalala, Rev. Mampiandra Randriantseheno, Rev. Alphonse Rambinimanana, Rev. Gilbert Naivoson, and Rev. Léonard Rajaoferson. According to the Synod Departement for Evangelism, all Christians must proclaim the Gospel. So, this ETS Training was very crucial and beneficial for the participants because the different evangelization and communication approaches shared during the training could be implemented in the south. Participants were also asked to mobilize youth at their respective communities and churches to enrol to BCC programme.

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Mr. Daniel, LHM Director
? dsc_0297
Mr. Louis, Program Manager Mrs.Lalao,Audience Relations
dsc_0304 dsc_0330
Participants asking questions
? dsc_0406
A few moments’ relaxation
? dsc_0398
Working group
dsc_0248 dsc_0263
Group reporting
dsc_0415 dsc_0432
Awarding certificates
dsc_0461 dsc_0467
Group photo
dsc_0480 dsc_0553
Nenilava Lutheran Revival Center in Fort Dauphin Synod

Film Showing at Soalandy Lutheran Church

LHM partnership grows with MLC Churches as we continue film screening. This time, it was MLC Soalandy, district of MLC Tanjombato approximately 50 km from Antananarivo viewed the film of Jesus from Nazareth. There were about 80 children gathered in the Church. We also registered about 10 new BCC students.

MLC Soalandy congregation watching a film offered by LHM

Prison Ministry

Gospel Gala and Drama performed by the women prisoners in Antanimora

The partnership of LHM with the Central prison of Antanimora in Antananarivo continues well. Like every Year, the women prisoners at the Antanimora prison in Antananarivo and LHM organized a gospel gala and Samuel theatrical piece (history in the Bible). 30 women participated in this event which took place on December 13, 2016. All the women prisoners and prison staff are invited to attend this event. It was a moment of joy and an opportunity for everybody to learn more about the Bible, the history of Samuel. Rice and sweets were offered to all participants as a gift. During this event, the LHM staff continued to give information about BCC program.

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dsc_0318 dsc_0320
dsc_0331 ?
Mr. Louis, Program Manager Group picture

Film showing for opening the Christmas celebration

Christian Young Branch, Tanjombato Lutheran Church

December 18, 2016 afternoon was the opening of Christmas celebration for Tanjombato Lutheran Church. The Christian Youth Branch, the organizer of the celebration invited LHM to project the film entitled “The Little Shepherd”. About four hundred people watching the film and received the message of Christmas: “the birth of the Savior is a gift for all, so what gift will you give Him?”

dsc_0596 dsc_0625
The Christians watching the film

Tanjombato Lutheran Church

Introduction of the ETS commissioned volunteers to the parishioner

Following the ETS training on November 10 -11, 2016, the seven participants who benefited the training was introduced to the parishioners at Tanjombato Lutheran Church. The objective was that they would easily share with others all they had learned during the training before starting the evangelization. This introduction took place during Sunday Worship Service on December 18, 2016 by the LHM Director (Andriamanjaka). It was also an opportunity to introduce the BCC students and to encourage other Christians to enroll to BCC.

dsc_0574 dsc_0584
The LHM Director introducing the Commissioned volunteers and the BCC students Rev. Henri René Randrianarison