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“Listen to his voice”

Weekly broadcasting program

Because of the Easter season, in the framework of the celebration of the 500th years of the Lutheran Reformation and the 150th jubilee of the Malagasy Lutheran Church (MLC), the theme aired during the month of April was focused on “The Reformation and the Gospel” througthe five “solas”: 1. Sola Scriptura; 2. Sola fide; 3. Sola gratia; 4. Solus Christus; 5. Soli Deo Gloria.Two Lutheran Pastors were invited to present these themes: Rev. Dr. Razafindrakoto Georges, President of Antananarivo Synod and Rev. Randimbison Jacques Euloges, in charge of Itaosy Parish, Antananarivo Synod.

Rev. Dr. Razafindrakoto Georges, President of Antananarivo Synod
Rev. Randimbison Jacques Euloges, in charge of Itaosy Parish, Antananarivo Synod

The LHM volunteers and their commitments

By love and joy, the LHM volunteers serve the Lord. In Antananarivo and surroundings there are about 60 LHM BCC volunteers, most of them live a few kilometers from LHM Office. The LHM staff constantly encourages and strengthens them for the continuation of the partnership in proclaiming the Word of God through BCC. It is Jesus who chosen us and appointed us to go and bear fruit. They are agreed in what the Bible says: “As long that it is day, we must do the work of him who sent us. Night is coming, when no one can work” John 9: 4. For this, they regularly come to LHM Office to hand over and pick up the BCC student tests with passion and pleasure.

Follow up ETS Workshop

Following the ETS Workshop “Leadership and Communication” organized by LHM Madagascar on March 22–23, 2017 at MLC Ambalavao Tsienimparihy, two of the participants with Rev. Dieu Donné Randrianarivonirina went out to a village near by Vohitsaoka to share the Word of God and the key lessons that they took away from the Workshop. Villagers were very excited and receptive of the messages conveyed. More than hundred people including children gathered.

Youth Program

Journey at Nanisana High School Clubs

The eight Clubs in Nanisana High School (English Club, Drawing Club, German language Club, Environment Club, Malagasy Speech Club, Choirs Club, Bible club and LHM Club) organized each a special event to celebrate the Journey Club on February 22, 2017. For the LHM Club, the celebration was dedicated to exhibit the photos on their different activities. The students at Nanisana High School were invited to visit the showroom and they did come.

The students visited the showroom
Jemima, Nampoina LHM volunteers and Lalao, Jaona Martin LHM Staffs
Nanisana High School LHM Club members