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From Prison to Prayer

Landry was orphaned at a young age, and without parents to discipline him, he experienced a very troubled youth.  Most of the people in Landry’s village still participate in ancestral worship, and there was no one to reveal the Word of God to the troubled young man.

Eventually, Landry was arrested for attempting to pay his income tax with a counterfeit bill.  Sentenced to 18 months in prison, his life reached an all-time low.  During the imprisonment, however, things started looking up, when he met with two volunteers who regularly gave their time spreading God’s Word at the prison.  They helped him register for Bible Correspondence Courses offered by Lutheran Hour Ministries.

At first, some of the other inmates criticized Landry for studying the Bible, and in response, he quoted the words of Jesus in Luke 5:32 saying, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”  Landry continued to study the Bible and learn about Jesus, which made him come to realize all the mistakes he had made in the past, and since then he has repented for those mistakes.

Immediately after Landry was released, he paid a visit to LHM—Madagascar to thank them for materials that have helped him in his Christian walk.   “It’s so good to be with Him,” Landry rejoiced. “To put my life and my problems into His hands.”

Now that Landry has been granted freedom, not only from prison but of his treacherous past, he plans to return to the village of his upbringing where he will share God’s light with the people who are still in the dark.